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Citroen Dispatch 2
Citroen Dispatch 3
Citroen Dispatch 4


The Dispatch comes standard with French Doors which are ideal for loading goods in Multi-storey Carparks. It has also come a long way from its predecessor in terms of refinement and driveablity.

Engine Capacity              1,560cc               /                 1997cc

Power                                   94 bhp                 /                  174 bhp

Seating Capacity             3

Dimensions (LxWxH)     4609 x 1920 x 1950mm(1.6) 4,959x1920x1940mm(2.0)

Cargo Area   (LxWxH)     2,162x1,636,1,238mm(1.6) 2,596x1,636x1,327mm(2.0)

Carrying Capacity           900kg(1.6)     1200kg(2.0)

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